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How To Find An Internship In The USA

How To Find An Internship In The USA

As a post-secondary student in Canada, you’ll know that completing an internship or co-op is one of the best ways to apply your theoretical, classroom-based knowledge in a professional setting. You’ll get hands-on, practical experience that will set your resume apart from other candidates. You’ll feel more confident as you look for post-grad job opportunities, as you’ve already developed the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your field.

While there are plenty of internship opportunities close to home, an internship abroad will boost your resume to the next level. By interning and living abroad, you’ll be able to develop an international network, gain hands-on experience in a new environment, and challenge yourself in ways that’ll help you excel in your future career pursuits.

Our Internship USA opportunities will allow you to set yourself apart with invaluable internship experience in the world’s largest economy. This is your chance to develop your career in a dynamic American business environment, all while experiencing life in a new country.

Now the big question that remains is – how do I find an internship opportunity in the USA?

It may seem like a daunting task to find an opportunity outside of Canada, but don’t let this deter you! We’ve had hundreds of Canadian post-secondary students like you find incredible training opportunities in the USA.

Search through job listing sites

Sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, are a great way to start your search for a relevant internship opportunity in the USA.

Your School Network

Many students find US Internship opportunities through their academic department’s job board, or through networking events held at their school. These events are a great way to interact with different companies and discuss possible training opportunities for the summer.

We’ve also had students find out about US internship opportunities through university alumni. You’re not the first Canadian student looking for an incredible opportunity in the USA, many students have before you, so ask around!

It also wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your academic advisor/counselor to ask for advice on where to look for opportunities specifically related to your field of study.

Take Initiative and Reach Out

Have a company in mind but don’t see any internship opportunities listed on their career page? Send them an email! It doesn’t hurt to get your foot in the door and inquire about possible training opportunities. Companies like to see candidates who take initiative and are often more than happy to consider offering an internship placement to a qualified and enthusiastic applicant.


Good luck in your search, you’ve got this!