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Why Should I Go To Japan?

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Why Should I Go To Japan?

Combining rich cultural heritage with stunning landscapes and spectacular modernity, Japan is like nowhere you’ve ever been before, making it the perfect working holiday destination. After all, there is only one country where you can devour sushi, visit a samurai museum, and watch an anime in a movie theatre in one day?


1. Distinct & Rich Culture

Japan is known for so many things: origami, manga, karaoke, tea ceremonies, the list goes on! Not only does Japan have all this, but they have such a deep and rich culture and history that is waiting for you to explore. Discover how to properly eat sushi, attend a summer festival to learn about traditional Japanese legends, or explore the Sensoji Temple and its jaw-dropping architecture!

2. Outdoor Activities and Views

Japan is home to some of the most picturesque spots in the world! Cherry blossoms, bonsai trees, Mount Fuji…it’s all there! From the North to the South, there is so much to do, such as hiking the Kumano Kudo Trail, hang gliding over the ponds of Oshino Hakkai, or ski down Mount Niseko-Annupuri!

3. The Fashion

Japan has some of the most interesting fashion in the world! Traditional clothing includes an array of classic pieces, such as the kimono, the hakama, the yukata, and the obi. These pieces are often worn on formal occasions and are especially popular during summer festivals. Japanese fashion, however, has also developed into more Western-styled clothing. These styles are known for their bright colours and avant-garde influences, but you will find something new in each corner of the country!

4. The People

Japanese people are some of the most friendly and polite people you will ever meet. Whether you decide to ask someone for directions or want to go to karaoke with some friends, you will always find someone who is willing to help or go with you!

5. The Coolest Technology

It’s no secret that Japan has some cool tech! Japan is a leader in technology and is known for brands such as Nintendo, Nikon, Toyota, and Uniqlo. Japanese inventors, designers, and engineers are pioneers in many fields, such as biomedical research and space exploration. From bullet trains to hotel capsules to robotic piggy banks, there is something in Japan that will catch your eye!