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Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Ireland

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Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Ireland

Ireland: endless emerald-green fields, majestic cliffs, old castles, and so much more! Thinking about going to Ireland for your Working Holiday? Look no further! This country has some of the friendliest and down-to-earth people who are always in the mood to go to a festival or visit the pub. Here are our Top 5 Reasons to visit the Emerald Isle!


1. The Cliffs, Hills, and Forests

The Emerald Island is aptly named! There are so many rolling hills, majestic cliffs, and other wonders to explore in Ireland. You can go to the Cliffs of Moher to discover a real jaw-dropping sight or travel to the Dark Hedges to feel like you are in the forest of a fairy-tale!

2. Spooky Folklore and Compelling History

If you like cool stories and castles as much as we do at SWAP, you will LOVE Ireland! From leprechauns to the Dullahan to the legendary shamrocks, there are endless folk tales and stories to learn about. You can also visit many castles and historical sites. One of our favourites is Dunguaire Castle in Galway! Whether you are looking for a dash of magic or full truth, you are bound to find it!

3. The Locals!

Have you ever heard the term “craic”? It is a word native to the Irish language (Gaelilc) which means having a good time! The locals embrace this lifestyle wholeheartedly and often enjoy festivals with their full hearts. Making friends and finding a good circle in Ireland is quite easy! Exploring the city, going to a festival, or wandering the countryside is always more enjoyable with friends!

4. The Food, Whiskey, Guinness, and Bailey’s (Obviously)

The Irish do, indeed, have some of the best whiskey and beer in the world! Ireland has an abundance of pubs that have some tasty food and good company. Yes, we said food! Ireland has many comfort foods and other specialties, such as Shephard’s pie, fresh salmon, and too many stews to count! Kick back with some Guinness, meat pie, and some mates to enjoy a *proper* Irish afternoon!

5. It’s Easy to Get Around!

Being a relatively small country (smaller than Canada, at least), you will find that getting around, making weekend trips, and going for road trips are a lot more doable! It is also extremely close to the rest of Europe, meaning that you can take a quick ferry over to the UK or a short plane trip to the mainland! Whatever you would like to see, or wherever you would like to go, it’s easy to do from Ireland!