How to Apply

To apply for the SUMMER USA program, just follow the easy instructions below. Please keep in mind that you should submit your documents a minimum of 5 weeks before your intended departure date.

Review the eligibility information to ensure that you and the summer job you have been hired for meet the program requirements. If you're unsure, just e-mail us at and we'll be happy to go over everything with you.
Go to our online registration, select "USA - Summer Work", and sign up for the SUMMER USA program!
After you have signed up, you will be contacted by us to set up a Skype conversation where we'll go over the essential information on the program, your future job, and your next steps. The rest of the application package will be sent to you.
Once your completed application has been sent in and approved, your J-1 visa document will be issued. We will send this and other important information in your GO SWAP Kit which will be directly delivered to you by courier. With that paperwork out of the way, we'll be there to guide you on the last steps before you're finally ready to live and work in the United States of America!