Have you ever wanted to work at a surf shop in Hawaii and spend your ten-minute break hanging ten? How about getting paid to lifeguard on Venice Beach or spend a New York minute working retail in the heart of Times Square? The Summer Work USA program gives you the chance to live the American Dream and work a seasonal job in any of the 50 states! From bustling cities, to quaint beach towns and picturesque national parks, the possibilities for summer fun are endless!

The Summer Work USA program must be purchased through a sponsoring agency officially nominated by the US Department of State. You cannot apply directly to this program with the US government. Sponsoring agencies appoint companies in countries around the world to offer the Summer USA program on its behalf, and SWAP Working Holidays is proud to offer this program to you in Canada.

"My job as a lifeguard is like a movie. Every day is a new challenge and experience. On a daily basis, I am saving lives and teaching people about water safety. It didn't take me too long to find my job before I started the program. One day I just decided to give my employer a call and see what could come out of it. SWAP helped me by reassuring me that they will always being there if I ever needed emergency help. If I ever have any questions they are just an email or a phone call away. Just roll a dice and go for it. It will be a great time you just need to take the first step. I am loving every single day of my program. It goes by fast."

- Clifford L. in Myrtle Beach, SC
"Don't be afraid! Try new things, explore, meet new people. You will work all your life so have fun for a summer intern or a job in the middle of somewhere you don't know. There is one thing every employer wants and it's called EXPERIENCE! So, get out of your routine, live something new and get real experience. Your resume will thank you and you will thank SWAP to have the opportunities to be a Swapper. I am so happy to lived what I had live, I learn a lot about other culture and other people but even more about myself."

- Samuel S. in Salem, NC
"I work for a catering company based in a semi-private country club. I do different things from banquets, weddings, serving at the restaurant to snack bar attendant on the golf course. I sent an email to the food and beverage manager (without even knowing they were looking for employees) and he answered me in less then a week. He was really opened to the visa process and was excited to have an international student to be part of his team!"

- Alexandra L-B. in Virginia Beach, VA
"I work at the Montauk Yacht Club and I work as a Guest Service Agent. I am at the front desk and I am responsible for being in the know of anything and everything happening in the hotel from activities going on, concerts happening, the good places to eat and how long it takes to get certain places. July fourth weekend is the big weekend and basically, when we become in full operation as the hotel will be 100% occupancy for the whole summer. Going to be wild!!"

"SWAP was a huge help in the beginning process. They helped contact the Montauk Yacht Club in order for me to get the papers signed, they helped me get my insurance and made sure I understood what my responsibilities were being a Canadian working in the U.S.A. They also were a huge help with the thousands of questions I had before I left."

- Sondrine M. in Montauk, NY