How to Register

To register for the SWAP PCT USA program, just follow the instructions below. Please keep in mind the application timelines.

Secure a traineeship that is directly related to your degree and / or your work experience.
You and your traineeship employer complete the necessary forms and gather the required supporting documents.
E-mail or fax the completed application to us.
(fax: 416-971-5810 or e-mail:
What Happens Next

After you've submitted your application, you will be contacted by the SWAP PCT USA coordinator who will go over your application with you. After an interview with you is arranged, your documents will be submitted and the US Sponsor will be in communication with your employer. Once your traineeship is approved, your DS-2019 and other important documentation will be issued in your GO SWAP Kit.

Now you are ready to leave for the US to start the work training of a lifetime!