Ireland Visa Essentials

The Emerald Isle is calling you!

Living in Ireland gives you the chance to fund your travels and explore its historic capital, quaint villages, and dramatic cliffs at your own pace.

Great for first time world travellers

Ireland is world-renowned for its friendliness, which you will experience first-hand. Plus, they all speak English - if you can understand the lads' and lasses' sometimes thick accents...

Helping you go to Ireland since 1976

Canadians have been living in Ireland since the year the band U2 formed, thanks to SWAP! We've been a long time exclusive provider of the Irish working holiday visa.

Ireland Visa Essentials

  • If you want to work and travel in Ireland this year, you don't need luck, just a wee bit of SWAP! Not only do you get to live and work in an exciting location, but Ireland's hospitality and knowledge of the English language makes it a jolly good destination for both first-time and experienced travellers.

    Experience Ireland your way, and make your move easy by applying for your visa through us. Your program comes with a 2 year visa, expert support throughout your application, and a GO SWAP Kit loaded with pre-departure information to get you prepared for your adventure. We help you step-by-step through your visa journey and work with the Embassy to ensure your visa is issued quickly and correctly. Living abroad but still interested in applying? No problem! We can help whether you’re home in Canada or travelling.

    Being a stone's throw from the UK and the rest of the continent, living and working in Ireland is the ideal home base. With Celtic tunes, breathtaking cliffs, and friendly folk at every turn, it will be a whale of a time! And having a two-year visa gives you the chance to explore Ireland and Europe at your own pace and avoid feeling absolutely knackered!

    With no language barriers, you'll have the ability to make new friends easily with both locals and ex-pats and the opportunity for career advancement. Your new visa allows you to live anywhere you like in Ireland and work in any field, whether it's seasonal work or career-related experience. Add to that the obvious perks of living in Ireland - whimsical scenery, soulful cities, legendary nightlife. It is sure to be the craic of a lifetime!

  • Your Visa

    A two-year working holiday visa that allows multiple entries into Ireland. To be eligible, you just have to be a Canadian, ages 18-35, have a valid passport, and DO NOT have a serious criminal record.

    This visa can only be acquired once, making it (literally) once-in-a-lifetime!

    Typically, all visa holders in Ireland pay a registration fee of €300 each year they stay. As a SWAP participant, you only have to pay this once for your 2 year visa, after arriving in Ireland.

    Please be advised that due to current temporary travel/immigration restrictions, embassies have paused application processing. As soon as embassies re-open, we will be able to assist with your visa application. We will update this page so check back here for updates soon. We'll be here ready and waiting, and we can't wait to help you get your adventure to Ireland started.

  • Our Famous SWAP Support and Resources

    We've been helping Canadians live and work in Ireland since 1976, so we know how to apply for an Irish working holiday visa. That's part of the reason why thousands of Canadians choose SWAP to help ensure their application's success. Our dedicated visa experts will go over your application in detail and make sure it is perfect. If we notice anything, we'll work with you to make sure it's flawless before your paperwork is submited to the Irish government.

    Over 40 years of Irish visa expertise isn't the only thing you'll get on the SWAP Work in Ireland program. You'll also get:

    • Detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to fill out your visa application paperwork
    • All the visa forms, information, checklists, and tips you'll need to have your visa approved
    • SWAP's visa experts go over your application and make sure it is perfect. If there are any errors, we contact you before the application is submitted to authorities
    • Your GO SWAP Kit, which has valuable information on your visa, as well as pre-departure preparation
    • Our exclusive Ireland: The SWAPPER's Guide. This essential, full guide will prepare you for living and working in Ireland
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Working Holiday?
    When I sign up, do I have to travel right away and have everything ready?
    What types of jobs are available? Do you provide jobs to me?
    Can I find a job or apartment before I arrive?
    Can I find work in my field?
    What if I don’t find a job?
    How does accommodation work (after the included nights)?
    Will I have time off to travel?
    Are there any additional fees?
    What is the cost of living in my destination?
    What does the age range mean exactly? If I'm near the cut off can I still get the full length of the visa granted to me?
  • Booking the Ireland Visa Essentials program

    Working and living in the Ireland is easy with SWAP. You can register online here. The program price includes all the support services offered in Canada by SWAP to make sure your application goes through without a hitch and your working holiday is a success.

Live and work in Ireland in the most stress-free way imaginable

Program Info

  • Eligibility

    Canadians ages 18-35

  • Registration Timeline

    Apply for Ireland Visa Essentials at least 3 months prior to your intended departure

  • Length of Visa

    Any period up to 2 years

  • Required Savings

    You must have the amount of $2500 CAD saved in your account as of the day you submit your application. These are called support funds and are a requirement of the Irish government

  • For Only

    SWAP Work in Ireland is only $200 CAD!

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Program Reviews

  • "The SWAP program has been invaluable to me and is ultimately a big reason why I am living and working abroad. From the very beginning of the process, their knowledgeable staff answered all of my questions. And for me, particularly, I had a lot of anxiety not knowing what to expect about coming to Ireland and the employees I dealt with from SWAP program helped ease a lot of my worries. They were also are a huge help when it came to applying for my Visa. All in all, I would highly recommend going through the SWAP program because at the end of the day, if you need help or someone to talk, they are always there to help and encourage you through this life changing adventure!"

    Jamie K. in Dublin, Ireland

  • "Ireland is a great base, especially Dublin. It's a huge tech hub and there are fantastic career opportunities with large international companies where you can really develop your skills. Being based here has allowed me to travel all through Europe and beyond. The people, the craic, it's second to none. I am working for one of the largest tech companies in the world in a role I adore - I even get to travel to destinations like Spain for meetings! It took me 6 days from landing to receive my job offer and I've now been in my role for a year."

    Katherine D. in Dublin, Ireland

  • "My best piece of advice is to hit the ground running - and I don't mean checking off as many tourist attractions as fast as you can. Trust me, you'll have plenty of time for that. You'll receive a checklist during orientation telling you everything you need to do to get your paperwork in order and settle in. Devote yourself to accomplishing this list! Settling into Dublin, especially if you have no contacts, can be daunting (don't get me started on apartment hunting!), but SWAP will help you out every step of the way."

    Kevin T. in Dublin, Ireland

  • "First-off I would like to preface this with a massive THANK YOU! My journey to Ireland on the SWAP program has been an unparalleled experience that I never expected to touch my life on such a profound level. To your entire team who support youth-travel and cultural immersion - Thank you for all you do."

    Tiffany W. in Dublin, Ireland

  • "Some of the best things would include seeing U2 in concert in their hometown of Dublin; happening upon a premiere of Alexander and getting a picture with Colin Farrell in his hometown of Dublin; happening upon a premiere of Collateral in Berlin and getting a picture with Tom Cruise; going to the Oxygen Music Festival; kissing the Blarney Stone; going for a gondola ride in Venice; visiting Stonehenge, the Eiffel tower, the Tower of London, the Anne Frank Museum, the Colosseum, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, the Acropolis, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum; and randomly running into a friend from high school on two separate days in two separate cities in France. Lastly, meeting some truly amazing people while working and traveling in foreign countries."

    Mel B. (center) in Ireland