Information for Employers

SWAP welcomes thousands English-speaking international youth into Canada through our programs and partner companies each year. These participants, ages 18 to 35, travel to Canada to experience our culture, and gain international work experience. Working during their stay allows our participants to support their travels, and we have found them to be enthusiastic, outgoing, motivated and conscientious employees.

All participants arriving through this program receive an Open Authorization work visa, issued by the Canadian government, which allows them to work anywhere in Canada, for any employer. They are eligible for employment in most fields, with the exception of childcare, primary and secondary teaching and health services.

*Note: If the participant has undergone a medical clearance procedure in their home country, then employment is permitted in these occupations.

The majority of these work permits are for 12 months, with some countries offering up to 2 years.

If you are interested in hiring SWAP participants (casually called Swappers), please let us know! We can advertise your jobs to them in a variety of ways such as facebook, twitter, bi monthly eblasts and our bi annual job fairs. There is no charge for any of these services, we simply want to help our Swappers find the best possible work in Canada.

To post your job ad please email your nearest SWAP office: or