Teach in Thailand (Enseigner en Thaïlande)

Get paid to teach English at a school in Thailand

Your teaching placement is provided at the elementary or secondary school level and the educational institution also provides teacher accommodation for your entire stay.

Beautiful, modern schools in wonderful locations

We work with schools across the Thai School Board with placements around the country, and we do our best to accommodate your location preferences.

Plenty of time to travel around Thailand

This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture while gaining valuable international teaching experience.

SWAP, Teaching in Thailand since 2008

One of our first teaching programs in South East Asia, SWAP's Teach in Thailand program is now our most popular!

Teach in Thailand

  • Experience Thailand the way no tourist ever could. As part of SWAP's Teach in Thailand program, you'll be as a respected (and paid) English teacher within the Thai school system - helping to improve the language skills of local students while promoting cultural exchange within your new school and its community. A fascinating mix of traditional and modern, Thailand is filled with rich culture, magnificent landscapes, and warm, hospitable people. After all, it is called "Amazing Thailand" for a reason.

    The Teach in Thailand program will make sure your transition to teaching is as easy as possible. You'll get your teaching placement before you leave Canada, and you'll know where you're going, along with the grade level and size of class you'll teach. Once you arrive, you'll get an airport transfer to your all-inclusive 6-day orientation in Chiang Mai or Bangkok that will go over teaching skills and where you'll meet other new incoming teachers on the program. You can also participate in fun cultural activities before arriving at your new school to meet the children you'll be teaching!

    English is the principal foreign language being taught in Thailand. It opens up a lot of doors to students who want to pursue work internationally, especially in the corporate world, so they are in need of knowledgeable English teachers! While not all schools are created equally and some may have a higher learning curve than others, SWAP will oversee your stay and ensure the staff and teachers at your school support you and help prepare appropriate curriculums and lessons for the students.

    You will be teaching about 18-22 hours per week, but should be designated as a 40 hour work week for lesson planning, grading, and extra-curricular activities. Classes run Monday-to-Friday, with some activities being held after school or on weekends occasionally. Depending on the type of school you're placed in, class sizes range from 25-40 students on average. Teaching placements are available at the kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels.

    The salary per month is 28,000 baht/month (approximately $1,150 CAD) and accommodation is included for your placement. The cost of living is very good in Thailand so this is enough to eat delicious pad thai and travel to Ko Samui or Wat Rong Khun each weekend!

  • The Teach in Thailand Program Package

    • Pick up from the airport to the orientation and teaching placement (school campus)
    • A 6-day all-inclusive orientation in Chiang Mai or Bangkok. The orientation provides vital information; TEFL theory and practice/teaching methodologies, cultural information, language classes and the opportunity to meet other teachers on the program
    • Sightseeing trips and other excursions are provided during the orientation week with other teachers
    • You will receive a salary of minimum 28,000 baht (approximately $1,150 CAD) per month by the host educational institution
    • All accommodation is included with the program. Thailand has a low cost of living, so it is easy to support yourself and live comfortably
    • You can receive a contract completion bonus of 20,000 baht for two-semester participants who start in May
    • Your host school provides at least one coordinator (usually an English teacher) to help you, through the entire length of your teaching program
    • Ongoing support and guidance throughout your placement to ensure you are having a great time and enjoying your teaching experience

  • Accommodation

    Single room housing is provided by your host educational institution for the full duration of your stay (and is included in the program cost). Most teachers will be housed in single apartments or share accommodation with one or two other teachers. In this situation, you would have your own private bedroom. The majority of housing is located on school grounds, but some locations will be just a close 5-10 minute walk from campus, depending on the school.

  • Orientation

    You will receive a 6-day orientation prior to placement that includes information on living and teaching in Thailand, social and cultural activities (such as an elephant trek), airport pickup to the orientation centre, accommodation and all meals, support and emergency services.

  • SWAP's Support and Resources

    • Electronic Welcome Pack and GO SWAP Kit to assist with trip preparation
    • SWAP's Teach in Thailand program coordinator will arrange the teaching placement on your behalf and provide pre-departure support and guidance
    • Your entry visa into Thailand is arranged for you, so no in-person appointment at the Royal Thai Consulate is required
    • Three detailed and updated newsletters preparing teachers for the upcoming semester (they include orientation overviews and related information, as well as packing lists, banking information, and more)
    • A participant guidebook book with useful cultural and tourist information, teaching advice and local resources
  • Booking the Teach in Thailand program

    Registering for SWAP's Teach in Thailand is easy! First, download the Application Package, read through the information carefully and complete the forms.

    When you have your application ready, email your forms to our Teach in Thailand Coordinator, Nicole, at nfarrell@swap.ca. Please send your forms saved together in one PDF file, and send a follow up e-mail to ensure it is delivered properly. You will then be contacted by the Coordinator regarding your acceptance onto the program.

Get paid to teach English at an elementary or secondary school and experience the magnificient culture of "Amazing Thailand"

Program Info

  • Eligibility

    Canadians 20-50 who are fully fluent in English. Applicants must have completed a Bachelor's degree (any major). A TESOL/TEFL certificate is not required

  • Application Timeline

    There are two opportunities to travel; the May semester (beginning of Thai school year) and October semester. Application is OPEN for the upcoming spring 2020 semester (see below)

  • Length of Teaching Placement

    Applicants can commit to a five month (1 semester) teaching term OR a ten-month teaching term (2 semesters)

  • Next Start Date

    Registration is OPEN! The Spring 2020 orientation begins on May 8, 2020.

    We will accept applications up until Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Click here to get the application package. Placements are limited, so apply early and don’t miss out!

  • For Only

    SWAP's Teach in Thailand program (1 semester) is only $1 800 CAD! The 2 semester program is only $1 900 CAD! That includes your paid teaching position (for 1 or 2 semesters), accommodation, orientation, language lessons, social and cultural activities, plus much more for a once-in-a-lifetime (paid) cultural experience