Work in Canada - Young Professional Program

Work in Canada - Young Professional Program

  • Due to high interest and limited availability, the SWAP 2020 Young Professional Program is now full for all nationalities, excepting New Zealand nationals (18-35), and American nationals (aged 18-35).
  • SWAP is thrilled to offer another Work in Canada program in the 2019 IEC season: The Young Professional Program. This is another category of International Experience Canada (IEC), and is designed for people wanting to further their careers with professional work experience in Canada. SWAP's Young Professional Program will allow you to expand your professional portfolio, gain in-depth experience in your field in the Canadian workforce, and take important steps in developing your career. Not only will you grow as a professional, we'll also make sure you have fun, too: we'll help you navigate all the aspects of living and working in a new country. You'll get everything offered in our regular Work in Canada program as a young professional.

    SWAP's Young Professional program allows your employer to hire you without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This makes the process simple, quick, and with zero hassle to your employer.

  • Your Visa

    An employer-specific permit, that can be be valid for 1 or 2 years (depending on your nationality, if eligible). If you and your employer decide to not apply for the full time owed to your nationality, you can apply to extend your Young Professional visa, at no extra cost to you, and with support from SWAP.

    What sets us apart? Besides our awesome services (read on to learn more!), we’ll facilitate your entire application, including the pool process for getting your Invitation to Apply.

  • Local Support in Canada

    We’re here to help, eh! From assisting with paperwork to joining us for cheeky pints at hockey games, SWAP will be in your corner.

    We’ll help you find housing, conquer our various transit systems, gain insider tips, access resources specific to your needs (medical, employment, personal interests), and help you cross all the items off your Canadian bucket list. Get advice and information, use computers & resources at our hosting centre, and talk with us about your goals and plans. We’re all enthusiastic Canadians who have lived and travelled throughout Canada and the world, and we understand the unique excitements and challenges of living abroad.

    You'll get:

    • Arrival orientation, covering the basics and more!
    • Access to our hosting centres with our open-door policy (and a permanent mailing address!)
    • Ongoing advice and support from our staff (by phone, email, or in person!)
    • Accommodation assistance
    • Online membership lounge filled with resources
    • Travel support & tips (buying cars, insurance questions, where to go next!)
    • Local referrals and advice (licenses, certifications, medical clinics, mental health resources, etc.)
    • Assistance with any work permit, employer, or landlord issues
    • 24/7 emergency support line — because life happens!

  • Social Community / Events

    The best thing about SWAP is the community you’ll be a part of — hang out in our hosting centres, attend our many events, and meet like-minded individuals who could become roommates, coworkers, travel companions, and friends. You’ll automatically become part of a thriving social network of participants from all over, meaning your Canadian family will extend not just throughout Canada, but the world! From pub nights to uniquely Canadian experiences like curling, SWAP will make sure you reach those #squadgoals.

    Take advantage of:

    • Social events (hockey games, cultural events, hikes, canoe trips, pub nights)
    • Hosting centres for you to network at, and meet potential roommates and friends
    • Exclusive social media channels to connect with other SWAP participants
    • Active membership for your entire working holiday
    • Travel tips

  • SWAP's Canadian Support and Resources

    We’ve been welcoming international youth into Canada since the 1980s. As a Recognized Organization, we are familiar with the IEC application process, and can provide our expertise as you go through your application. We'll work with you to make sure your application is complete and ready to go before your paperwork is submitted to the Canadian government. During your application process, you’ll receive:

    • Detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to fill out your visa application paperwork, including the RO nomination process for selection from the IEC pool
    • An Employer Portal guide to ensure your employer fills out the application correctly
    • The chance to ask any questions (for your employer, too!)
    • All the visa forms, information, checklists, and tips you'll need
    • Your SWAP Pre-Departure Guide, to help you prepare for Canada once you’re approved and ready to come to Canada!
    • The opportunity to contact our SWAP staff by phone and email prior to arrival for any questions or concerns
    • Support and advice for getting application documents and crossing the border
  • Applying for the Work in Canada - Young Professional Program

    Simply contact us.

Develop your career in Canada with SWAP’s Young Professional Program

Program Info

  • Eligibility

  • Registration Timeline

    2-3 months before you want to come to Canada. Spaces are very limited – contact us ASAP to secure your spot on our program!

  • Length of Visa

    Up to 1 or 2 years upon entry into Canada, depending on your nationality (maximum 6 months for Italians).

  • How to Apply

    Contact us to learn more!

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SWAP Reviews

  • "SWAP has been the biggest help, hands down. I specifically remember how much help I received before, during, and after I received my work permit. Through email and phone calls, the team members at SWAP were always there to answer my questions with a positive attitude. With SWAP’s incredible individualized help and communication, they instilled confidence in me while applying and waiting for my permit. Throughout the whole process, I never felt unsure or confused because I knew if I had a question, the people at SWAP were always there to help. I must’ve contacted them at least 10 different times with hundreds of questions about planning and logistics. Thank you SWAP!"

    — Elizabeth P.

  • "SWAP has been amazingly helpful. The orientation when I first arrived shook off any remaining nerves I had. They’ve been a great source of information, both for travel and for my hobbies. It's been lovely to know that I always have support if needed. Already recommended SWAP to many friends back home who are thinking of coming to Canada."

    — Richard F.

  • "SWAP was a true blessing. This program helped me move to Canada; I got to continue in the industry and brand that I had worked in back home – which was really helpful –but I also got to learn new things and make new friends through work."

    — Meghan J.

  • "I found SWAP super responsive to emails when I had questions about Canada while living here: tax, jobs, rent. I found them super helpful just to be there for me as a support base, that they are available on phone, email or in person in the office."

    — Lindsay G.